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Tactical Marriage 

Marriage is a battle field and there is an enemy that wants to destroy it. Tactical marriage is man's field guide to marriage that teaches men to think tactically about their marriage with practical an actionable steps that discuss what is required to have successful marriage in a culture that is trying to redefine their role as men and husbands. 

Moral Failure

We see more and more that moral values are changing as we move the line to gratify our lustful desires. The world these days is choosing to redefine the meaning of morals in order to justify their self-indulgent, hedonistic behaviors and lifestyles. How do we as Christians respond to this as we live in a world that becomes more and more morally depraved? This speech, or teaching can also be specific to a law enforcement group in a leadership setting. 

Battle BehinD the Badge

Battle behind the Badge is a motivational talk about the struggles that law enforcement faces in our current culture. Having spent some time in law enforcement, James currently serves as a Deputy Sheriff, K9 handler, working in narcotics interdiction and has been in an officer involved shooting. James is prepared to speak on the difficulties and challenges in this profession from a biblical worldview...such as leadership, marriage, the calling and the moral failures we see among the ranks. 

The WorlD
The Flesh and the Devil

Biblical ManHood

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