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James is passionate about studying God’s Word and sharing the Gospel with others. He believes in helping others grow spiritually through providing clear and relevant teaching of God’s Word and feels that the church today is lacking in its understanding of the essential doctrines and the attributes of God. There is a lack of truth in the biblical knowledge in the church today as many are subscribing to another gospel. He is passionate about the truth about God’s story of redemption, topics on marriage and struggles that men face in the world today.

As just an observation of his own, which many others share as well, he feels strongly that the lack of spiritual leadership of men in their family's has contributed and leading to many of the moral issues in our country today. Strong men are lacking in the church and society. 

James enjoys helping other men understand and see the power that marriage and family have in God’s kingdom plan for the Gospel through discipleship. Through his own life experiences and mistakes, he hopes that other men can find healing in their marriages and equip them with the tools, training and teaching they need to live a victorious life and fulfill their God-given purpose.

James graduated with a bachelor’s at Colorado Christian University in Biblical Studies and is now completing his master's at Dallas Theological Seminary in Apologetics and Evangelism. James has been married now for over 21 years to his beautiful wife Lisa and has three girls who are all now living on their own and is a grandfather. James has worked in law enforcement for many years and leads a ministry, Battle Behind the Badge that seeks to help law enforcement deal with the day-to-day struggles in their profession through a biblical worldview.

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