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What is Tactical Marriage?

Marriage is not easy as you may already know. For the unbelieving world that is especially true, but for Christians we often fall into the same traps with marriage. According to John 10:10, the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy, but Jesus has come to give us life to the fullest. Your marriage, if lived out according to God's will biblically is a threat to an enemy who is determined to keep others from knowing the truth about the gospel of Jesus Christ. Marriage is not about you and if you can ever grasp this concept, you will see that marriage is a reflection of God's grace and love in the gospel. 

Marriage is an institution that is sacred, created by God for the purpose of reflecting His character through mercy and grace in the person and work of Jesus Christ. There is an enemy that does not want to see your marriage succeed because of what it represents if others can see this reflected in the life you have as man and woman created in the image of God. Many can not begin to under stand the war that is being waged against marriage that exist beyond our sight. Fortunately for you and I, the war has already been won. We just have to learn to live our lives in that truth.  

Tactical Weapons.

God has given us in His Word the necessary tactical weapons to combat the attacks this enemy throws at our marriage. Make no mistake we are at war and the Bible makes it clear who this enemy is. This is not an enemy like what we see in the news that can be fought with conventional weapons. This enemy fights from a different place outside of our five senses and your not going to beat him on your own strength.  

In my book Tactical Marriage, I talk about the realities we face in a fallen world and how to defend your marriage living in a world that wants to destroy all truth about who you are and the marriage you vowed to keep. I'm currently working in this book and would love to hear about your input. 

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